ICAR NET: Geography MCQs (Practice_Test 8 of 118)

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  1. The water of River Subarnarekha is used by Iron and steel plant at

    1. Burnpur

    2. Bokaro

    3. Rourkela

    4. Jamshedpur

    Answer: d

  2. Which is incorrect? There is concentration of iron and steel plants in Chottanagpur plateau because:

    1. Technology is well developed

    2. Raw material is available

    3. Labour is cheap

    4. Mechanical power is available.

    Answer: b

  3. Bhilai iron and steel plant was set up with collaboration of:

    1. Germany

    2. Britain

    3. USA

    4. USSR

    Answer: d

  4. Which country is the largest consumer of steel in the world?

    1. China

    2. USA

    3. France

    4. Brazil

    Answer: a

  5. Which of the two steel plants are in collaboration with Russia?

    1. Bhadravati and Salem

    2. Bhilai and Bokaro

    3. Bokaro and Jamshedpur

    4. Burnpur and Durgapur

    Answer: b

  6. The first Iron and Steel Company in India was set up at ____.

    1. Tarapur

    2. Durgapur

    3. Jamshedpur

    4. Bhadravati

    Answer: c

  7. The shore based Iron and Steel plant in India is at ___.

    1. Vishakhapatnam

    2. Salem

    3. Bhadravati

    4. Durgapur

    Answer: a

  8. Rourkela steel plant in Sundergarh, Odisha is set up in collaboration with which of the following countries?

    1. France

    2. Germany

    3. USA

    4. Japan

    Answer: b