ICAR NET (UG/PG) Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 14

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116. The oldest know democratic state in the 51 century B. C. was

(a) India

(b) Greece

(c) Rome

(d) Central America

Answer: (b)

117. The original home of Merino Sheep was

(a) New Zealand

(b) Australia

(c) South America

(d) Spain.

Answer: (d)

118. The Aleutian Islands are situated in

(a) Bering Sea

(b) Barents Sea

(c) Mediterranean Sea

(d) Okhotsk Sea.

Answer: (a)

119. The Timor Sea is to the

(a) North West of Australia

(b) North East of Africa

(c) West of Philippines

(d) North East of Australia.

Answer: (a)

120. The second research station set up by India in Antarctica is

(a) Dakshina Gangotri

(b) Mimyy

(c) Maithri

(d) Sobral.

Answer: (c)

121. One of the following canals connects North Sea and Baltic Sea:

(a) Spree canal

(b) Rhine- Marne Canal

(c) Welland Canal

(d) Kiel Canal

Answer: (d)

122. Qattara depression is in

(a) Libya

(b) Arizona

(c) Mexico

(d) Namibia.

Answer: (a)

123. The source of St Lawrence river is in

(a) Lake Huron

(b) Lake Ontario

(c) Lake Michigan

(d) Lake Erie .

Answer: (b)

124. A country named Costa Rica, meaning the rich coast is in

(a) South America

(b) Southern Europe

(c) North Africa

(d) Central America .

Answer: (d)

125. The highest navigable Lake Titicaca connects

(a) Bolivia and Paraguay

(b) Bolivia and Chile

(c) Peru and Bolivia

(d) Peru and Colombia.

Answer: (c)

126. Which of the following is not a canal?

(a) Panama

(b) Suez

(c) Volga

(d) Buckingham

Answer: (c)

127. The Bantus are natives of

(a) East Africa

(b) West Africa

(c) Central Australia

(d) Thailand.

Answer: (a)

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