ICAR NET Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 15

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128. Of which country is Irian Jaya a part?

(a) The Philippines

(b) Indonesia

(c) Malaysia

(d) Vietnam

Answer: (b)

129. What is Saigon now known as?

(a) Ho Chi Minh City

(b) Haiphong

(c) Da Nang

(d) Yangon

Answer: (a)

130. The longest strait is

(a) Magellan Strait

(b) Palk Strait

(c) Strait of Gibraltar

(d) Malacca Strait.

Answer: (d)

131. One of the following is not an archipelago :

(a) Aleutian Islands

(b) Balearic Islands

(c) Indonesian Islands

(d) Andaman Islands.

Answer: (b)

132. What are the three main island groups from West to East (i.e., running west to east) in the Pacific called?

(a) Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia

(b) Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia

(c) Indonesia, Polynesia and Micronesia

(d) Polynesia, Melanesia and Indonesia

Answer: (a)

133. Which one of the following countries famous as the land of thousand elephants is also known as Siam?

(a) Cambodia

(b) Thailand

(c) Vietnam

(d) Laos

Answer: (b)

134.This Gulf nation is a peninsula. Which one is it?

(a) Oman

(b) Bahrain

(c) Qatar

(d) Kuwait

Answer: (c)

135. One of the following is not a part of Commonwealth of Independent States.

(a) Byelorussia

(b) Ukraine

(c) Russia

(d) Tadzhik Republic

Answer: (a)

136. How many new countries (including Russia) has the break-up of the USSR added to Europe?

(a) 12

(b) 6

(c) 10

(d) 9

Answer: (c)

137. What is the capital of Macedonia, a part of the former Yugoslavia?

(a) Skopje

(b) Mostar

(c) Pristina

(d) Novi Sad

Answer: (a)

138. What was the old name of Burkina Faso?

(a) Mali

(b) Niger

(c) Mauritania

(d) Upper Volta

Answer: (d)

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