ICAR NET (UG/PG) Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 17

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150. On which river is the city of New York?

(a) Hudson

(b) Allegheny

(c) Potomac

(d) Shenandoah

Answer: (a)

151. To which country does the Gulf of California belong?

(a) The USA

(b) Mexico and Guatemala

(c) Mexico

(d) The USA and Mexico

Answer: (c)

152. Argentines call it ‘the Malvinas’ , but the English call it

(a) Tierra del Fuego

(b) The Falklands

(c) South Georgia

(d) Queen Adelaide Archipelago .

Answer: (b)

153. One of the following countries of South America touches both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea (a part of the Atlantic Ocean) .

(a) Costa Rica

(b) Venezuela

(c) Argentina

(d) Colombia

Answer: (d)

154. What is the capital of Uruguay?

(a) Buenos Aires

(b) Rosario

(c) Montevideo

(d) Rio Grande

Answer: (c)

155. The Gulf of Ob is in

(a) East Siberian Sea

(b) Laptev Sea

(c) Kara Sea

(d) Barents Sea.

Answer: (b)

156. Rotorua is a hot-spring lake in

(a) New Zealand

(b) Ireland

(c) Japan

(d) The USA.

Answer: (a)

157. Which one is known as ‘Eire’ ?

(a) Irish Republic

(b) Northern Ireland

(c) Ireland

(d) Ulster

Answer: (c)

158. Which of these is the eastern most island of the Caribbean?

(a) St. Vincent

(b) St. Lucia

(c) Martinique

(d) Barbados

Answer: (d)

159. What is the old Belgium Congo now known as?

(a) Congo

(b) Zaire

(c) Benin

(d) Gabon

Answer: (b)

160. Okavango Swamps are in

(a) Zaire

(b) Angola

(c) Botswana

(d) Namibia.

Answer: (c)

161. What do Anuradhapura, Sigiriya and Polonaruva have in common?

(a) All are ancient capitals of Sri Lanka.

(b) All are major cities of Sri Lanka .

(c) All are Sri Lankan holiday resorts .

(d) All are Tamil towns in Sri Lanka .

Answer: (a)

162. When Brahmaputra enters Bangladesh it is known as

(a) Madhumathi

(b) Meghna

(c) Padma

(d) Jamna

Answer: (d)

163. Okinawa is pan of one of the following is land groups

(a) Ryukyu

(b) Kurile

(c) Sakhalin

(d) Bonin

Answer: (a)

164. To which territory does Kowloon belong?

(a) Taiwan

(b) Hong Kong

(c) Parcel Island

(d) Hainan

Answer: (b)

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