ICAR NET: Library & Information Science MCQs (Practice_Test 20 of 25)

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  1. The transmission of receiver's reaction back to the sender is known as____.

    1. Noise

    2. Feedback

    3. Medium

    4. Source

    Answer: b

  2. Protocol means____.

    1. Interchange of data between two devices

    2. Interchange of data between two computers

    3. Linkage between two computers

    4. Linkage between two devices

    Answer: d

  3. Which of the following is an ‘Acronym’

    1. UNESCO

    2. UNO

    3. UNDP

    4. UGC

    Answer: a

  4. A set of rules that govern overall data communications system is popularly known as____.

    1. Protocol

    2. Agreement

    3. Pact

    4. Memorandum

    Answer: a

  5. Staffing is concerned with providing and maintaining____resources.

    1. Physical

    2. Technical

    3. Human

    4. Financial

    Answer: c

  6. Which of the following is not true about e journals?

    1. They are distributed through digital methods

    2. They also have editors or editorial boards

    3. They are publications of serial nature

    4. They are always free of cost

    Answer: d

  7. What is the meaning of ‘Translation Pools’

    1. Details about the names of translation experts

    2. Details about the addresses of the translators

    3. Agency of the names of translation experts

    4. None of these.

    Answer: c

  8. How is stochastic equation of information solved?

    1. By statistical rules

    2. By dynamic rules

    3. By statistical and dynamic rules

    4. None of these.

    Answer: c

  9. Whether Library is a system?

    1. Yes, it has various sections as sub-systems coordinating each other forming a system

    2. No, it cannot be a system

    3. It is quite impossible

    4. Library is separate from a system.

    Answer: a

  10. The secondary source of information comprised of:

    1. Text books and research monographs.

    2. Subject periodicals and encyclopedias

    3. Indexing and Abstracting periodicals

    4. Bibliography and patents

    Answer: c