Managment Solved Questions (Practice_Test 3 of 10)

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  1. The process selecting, organizing and interpreting or attaining meaning to events happening in the environment is called:

    1. Perception

    2. Attitude

    3. Personality

    4. Learning

    Answer: a

  2. Under which concept of marketing customer remains focused?

    1. Marketing

    2. Production

    3. Product

    4. Selling

    Answer: a

  3. Segmentation of consumers based on factors like climatic conditions and regions are known as:

    1. Demographic Segmentation

    2. Cultural Segmentation

    3. Geographic Segmentation

    4. Administrative Segmentation

    Answer: c

  4. Which city is more favourable for selling electric blankets?

    1. Mumbai

    2. Chennai

    3. Shillong

    4. Pune

    Answer: c

  5. Decision on plant layout and location are concerned with:

    1. System design

    2. System operations

    3. System control

    4. None of the above

    Answer: c

  6. Production system which enables for maximizing the scale advantage is:

    1. Flow type

    2. Intermittent type

    3. Batch type

    4. None of the above

    Answer: a

  7. Which of the following is the objective of production scheduling?

    1. Where to start the operation

    2. When to start the operation

    3. How to start the operation

    4. When to start as well as stop the operation

    Answer: d

  8. SQC requires determination of:

    1. Quality tolerance limit

    2. Quantity measurement

    3. Production load time

    4. Inventory carrying cost

    Answer: a

  9. AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) is:

    1. Maximum number of detective that the consumers will accept

    2. Fraction detective (f) that the user considers acceptable

    3. Fraction detective (f) that the producer considers acceptable

    4. Maximum number of detectives that the producer will allow

    Answer: b

  10. The probability of drawing a ‘Spade’ from a well shuffled packet of cards is:

    1. 1/52

    2. 4/52

    3. ¼

    Answer: b