Managment Solved Questions (Practice_Test 5 of 10)

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  1. Capital budgeting decision are generally:

    1. Irreversible

    2. Irrevocable

    3. Reversible

    4. Revocable

    Answer: a

  2. Which one is not the prerequisite of a perfect market?

    1. Existence of large number of buyers and sellers in the market

    2. Free flow of market information among the players

    3. Free entry and free exit

    4. Intervention of the Government.

    Answer: d

  3. The term emotion refers to:

    1. A broad range of feelings that a person experiences

    2. A broad and intense feeling that is directed at someone or something

    3. A broad range of feelings in the form of anger that a person experiences

    4. None bf the above

    Answer: b

  4. PERT stands for

    1. Production Estimation & Research Technique

    2. Project Evaluation and Review Technique

    3. Project Estimation & Research Technique

    4. None of the above

    Answer: b

  5. Mass communication tools available to marketers include:

    1. Advertising

    2. Sales promotion

    3. Public relations

    4. All the above

    Answer: d

  6. Distribution channel aims of moving products from producer to:

    1. Ultimate consumer

    2. Retailers

    3. Stockists

    4. Brokers

    Answer: a

  7. Minimum wages are fixed by:

    1. Trade Unions

    2. Employees

    3. State Governments

    4. Court of law

    Answer: c

  8. Demand curve under monopolistic competition is:

    1. Downward sloping and flat

    2. Downward sloping and steep

    3. Parallel to ‘X’ axis

    4. Parallel to ‘Y’ axis

    Answer: a

  9. If the demand curve is rectangular hyperbola, the elasticity is:

    1. One

    2. Zero

    3. Infinity

    4. Less than one

    Answer: a

  10. ‘Supply creates its own demand’ is known as:

    1. Keyresian law

    2. Say's law

    3. Veblen law

    4. Griffins law

    Answer: b