Exercise for Physics – Basic Questions up to Class 10 Important for Exams – Must Know Logics Part 8

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87. Numismatics is the study of

(a) coins

(b) numbers

(c) stamps

(d) space

Ans: (a)

88. Who invented the Doctor՚s Thermometer?

(a) Fahrenheit

(b) Edison

(c) Galileo

(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

89. The velocity of light was first measured by

(a) Einstein

(b) Newton

(c) Romer

(d) Galileo

Ans: (c)

90. The telephone was invented by

(a) John Logie Baird

(b) Alexander Graham Bell

(c) Thomas Elva Edison

(d) James Watt

Ans: (b)

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