Physics MCQs for ICAR NET Part 4

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The instantaneous value of an AC is given by. The rms value of current is


Inductive reactance of a coil expressed as

  1. Ampere

  2. Ohm

  3. Volt

  4. Weber


The average value of alternating current over a complete cycle is


A induction may store energy in

  1. Its electric field

  2. Its coils

  3. Its magnetic field

  4. Both electric and magnetic fields


Two different coils have self-inductance. The current in both coils are increased at same constant rate. The ratio of the induced emf in the coil is


A coil of resistance 50 and inductance 4H is connected to a 10V battery. The energy stored in the coil


Two coils of self-inductance are placed close together so that effective flux in one coil is completely linked with the other. If is the mutual inductance between them, then


The instrument which works on the principle of mutual induction is

  1. Galvanometer

  2. Ammeter

  3. Potentiometer

  4. Transformer