Physics MCQs for ICAR NET Part 8

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If young’s double slit experiment is performed in water.

  1. The fringe width will decreases

  2. The fringe width will increase

  3. The fringe width will remain unchanged

  4. There will be no fringe


The first diffraction minimum due to single slit diffraction is θ, for a light of wave length 5000Å. If the width of the slit isthen the value of θ is

  1. 300

  2. 450

  3. 600

  4. 150


Non-coherent sources emit light beam of intensities the maximum and minimum intensities in the resulting beam are


Light propagates distance in glass of refractive index 1.5 in time t0. In the same time t0, light propagates a distance of in a medium. The refractive index of the medium is


Two wave fronts are emitted from coherent sources of path difference between them is 2.1 micron. Face difference between the wave fronts at that point is Wave length of light emitted by source will be


A spherical air bubble in water will act as

  1. Convex lens

  2. Concave lens

  3. Glass plate

  4. Plano convex lens


A concave lens can be used as a simple magnifier if the object lies

  1. Beyond f

  2. Within the focal length

  3. Between f and 2f

  4. At 2f


For an equilateral prism the angle of minimum deviation is 300. Then the refractive index of the material of the prism is

  1. 4