Political Science 2000 Paper 1-Solved MCQs ICAR NET (UG/PG) Set 2

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(11) Strong emphasis on justice was laid by:

(a) Socrates

(b) Aristotle

(c) Herodotus

(d) Stoics

(e) None of these.

Answer: (b)

12) The Spirit of Laws was written by:

(a) John Locke

(b) J. S. Mill

(c) Hume

(d) Edmund Burk

(e) None of these. (Montesquieu)

Answer: (e)

(14) ‘Felicific Calculus’ was the contribution of:

(a) Bentham

(b) Aristotle

(c) Plato

(d) J. S. Mill

(e) None of these.

Answer: (a)

(15) The theory of ‘Surplus Value’ as a part of communistic philosophy was the contribution of:

(a) Karl Marx

(b) Trotsky

(c) Fredrick Angel

(d) Recordo

(e) None of these.

Answer: (a)

(16) Hobbian social contract is based on:

(a) Desire for peace

(b) Selfishness

(c) Fear

(d) Completion

(e) None of these.

Answer: (a)

(17) Importance of civil service has grown due to:

(a) Population growth

(b) Increased state activity

(c) Complexity of rules and regulations

(d) Law and order requirement

(e) None of these.

Answer: (b)

(18) Which political theory propounded that state will ultimately disappear:

(a) Syndacatism

(b) Fabian socialism

(c) Fascism

(d) Communism

(e) None of these.

Answer: (d)

(19) According to Aristotle the end of state is:

(a) Legal

(b) Social

(c) Ethical

(d) Economic

(e) None of these.

Answer: (c)

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