Political Science 2009 Paper 2-Solved MCQs ICAR NET (UG/PG) Set 1

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(1) Any British national is eligible to become a member of House of Commons if he has attained the age of:

(a) 18 years

(b) 21 years

(c) 25 years

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

(2) Lenin was elected as President on:

(a) 24 October 1917

(b) 25 October 1917

(c) 21 November 1918

(d) None of these

Answer: (d)

(3) Approval of any draft at House of Lords requires minimum presence of:

(a) 20 members

(b) 30 members

(c) 40 members

(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

(4) As per 1st Communist constitution of Russia, the Presidium consists of:

(a) 29 members

(b) 33 members

(c) 39 members

(d) None of these

Answer: (c)

(5) In the ancient times England remained under Roman rule for about:

(a) 350 years

(b) 400 years

(c) 450 years

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

(6) American autonomy was admitted by the British empire in the year:

(a) 1776

(b) 1783

(c) 1786

(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

(7) George Washington was appointed 1st President of U. S. A. on:

(a) 6 April 1789

(b) 4 March 1789

(c) 20 January 1789

(d) None of these

Answer: (d)

(8) For 50 years during 1533 - 1583 Russia was ruled by:

(a) Alexander the great

(b) Ivan IV

(c) Ivan III

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

(9) Tenure of French senate is:

(a) 5 years

(b) 6 years

(c) 9 years

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

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