ICAR NET: Political Science MCQs (Practice_Test 147 of 150)

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  1. According to Marxian Socialism, in the socialism stage, the state:

    1. is totally superfluous

    2. is necessary

    3. does not represent the ideology of any class

    4. is abolished

    Answer: b

  2. Who among the following propounded the doctrine of ‘socialism in one country’

    1. Lenin

    2. Trotsky

    3. Kautsky

    4. Stalin

    Answer: d

  3. Who among the following attacked majoritarianism of the utilitarian?

    1. T H Green

    2. Bernard Bosanquet

    3. J S Mill

    4. John Rawls

    Answer: c

  4. Which one of the following ideologies regards general strike as a myth?

    1. Socialism

    2. Syndicalism

    3. Fabianism

    4. Guild Socialism

    Answer: b

  5. Which one of the following statements is attributed to Utopian Socialism?

    1. Class struggle is inevitable

    2. The Laissez-faire is the best economic policy

    3. Capitalist system needs to be overthrown by revolution

    4. Society needs to be organized in the interest of all

    Answer: d

  6. A planned social order is necessarily, inimical to individual freedom. This view is held by:

    1. Harold Laski

    2. Fredric Hyek

    3. Lord Keynes

    4. Sidney Webb

    Answer: a

  7. Who among the following based this liberalism on the primacy of rights?

    1. J S Mill

    2. Jeremy Bentham

    3. T H Green

    4. Ronald Dworkin

    Answer: c

  8. What distinguishes modern liberalism from the classical one is:

    1. the co1cept of socialist planning

    2. egalitarianism

    3. libertarianism

    4. corporatism

    Answer: b

  9. The Utilitarian foundation of liberalism has been criticized from the view point of Kantian ethics by:

    1. John Rawls

    2. Harold Laski

    3. Isaiah Berlin

    4. H L A Hart

    Answer: a

  10. Property appropriated by the revolution should be immediately distributed among the workers'groups and every precaution should be taken to prevent the formation of anything resembling a government. Which one of the following theory upholds this view?

    1. Anarchism

    2. Marxism

    3. Socialism

    4. Fabianism

    Answer: b