ASRB-ICAR-NET Examination Questions and Answers with Explanation Paper

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1. “The India՚s Food Crisis and Steps to Meet It” was the name of the report submitted by?

a) Royal Commission

b) Ford Foundation

c) Fiscal Commission

d) Rock Feller Foundation

Answer: b) Ford Foundation


  • A Team of U. S. experts sponsored by Ford Foundation in 1959 submitted the report “The India՚s Food Crisis and Steps to Meet It.”
  • To advise the Government of India on India՚s food crisis and the ways and means of meeting it particularly in the context of the Third Five-Year Plan.

2. Span of control is associated with which of the following?

a) Group approach

b) Managing sub-ordinates

c) Feedback

d) Mass approach

Answer: b) Managing sub-ordinates


Span of control refers to the number of subordinates a supervisor has … Simply a manager, a supervisor, or a superior who has a group of subordinates, who can directly report him/her, is called a Span of Management.

3. When information of the message is totally changed, it is called.

a) Systematic distortion

b) Stretch distortion

c) Fog distortion

d) Mirage distortion

Answer: c) Fog distortion


Fog Distortion Information is lost, masked, or fogged over because of the inability of the communicator to encode or the inability of the receiver to decode the message with complete fidelity.