Social Work MCQs (Most Important and Expected) for ICAR NET, UG Exam, PG Exam-Practice Set 16

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Q. Motivation results in …

A) Goal-directed Behavior

B) Undirected behavior

C) Excited behavior

D) Problem solving behavior

Q. Day dreaming is an example of …

A) Autistic thinking

B) Convergent thinking

C) Creative thinking

D) Reasoning

Q. Which of the following sequence of Memory stage is correct?

A) Storage-Encoding-Retrieval

B) Encoding- Storage- Retrieval

C) Retrieval- Encoding- Storage

D) Encoding-Retrieval- Storage

Q. A skill for initial stage in an interview for work with individuals is

A) Use of sympathy

B) Showing curiosity

C) Empathy

D) Showing warmth

Q. Who wrote the book, Social Diagnosis?

A) Helen H. Perlman

B) Herbert Trecker

C) Mary Richmond

D) Gordon Hamilton

Q. Confidentiality in work with individuals in India is affected due to

A) The joint and extended family ties

B) People sharing their problems with others easily

C) Lack of physical space

D) The belief that life events are not personal issues

Q. The social case worker՚s unconscious tendency to transfer out the client is termed as

A) Negativism

B) Transference

C) Counter Transference

D) Frustration

Q. The essential components of social case work consists of

A) Study, diagnosis, treatment

B) Problems, person, place, process

C) Interview, home study, observation

D) Personality factors of the clients

Q. Which of the following is the first step in Social Case Work?

A) Diagnosis

B) Psycho-social study

C) Treatment

D) Evaluation

Q. ″ A tendency in some human beings to relate the emotions and attitudes

that have developed during the growth in the immediate environment, ″ is

A) Rationalization

B) Sublimation

C) Transference

D) Counter Transference

Q. Interviewing requires

A) Ability to communicate

B) Ability to relate

C) Ability to listen and note down

D) All the above

Q. Which is the primary role of social worker in practicing social case work?

A) Advisor

B) Enabler

C) Philosopher

D) Leader

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