Formation of Ozone Layer and Effect of Oxygen on Health

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Environmental Chemistry: Formation of Ozone Layer and Effect of Oxygen on Health (Chemistry)


  • Biogeochemical cycles of Sulphur
  • Phosphorus
  • oxygen and
  • bio distribution of elements

Table of Contents

1. Learning Outcomes

2. Introduction

3. Sulphur cycle

4. Oxygen cycle

5. Phosphorus cycle

6. Bio-distribution of elements

7. Summary

Learning Outcomes

After studying this lesson, you shall be able to:

  • Steps and reactions involved in oxygen cycle
  • Formation of ozone
  • Effect of oxygen on health

Oxygen Cycle

  • The oxygen cycle is a biogeochemical cycle, which is very important for environment.
  • Oxygen cycle is a natural process in which oxygen moves into different spheres of environment. In atmosphere, oxygen and its product play an important role.
  • Oxygen is present in different spheres of environment like; lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere.
  • In this process, oxygen moves through animals, plants and atmosphere.
  • Plants release oxygen by photosynthesis reaction in presence of sunlight. But at night, plants release carbon dioxide.

Steps and Reactions Involved in Oxygen Cycle

There are some important steps and reactions:


  • Plants make its food in presence of sunlight with help of chlorophyll. In this process plants release oxygen in atmosphere and take carbon dioxide from animals.


  • In this step, animals take oxygen and in turn, release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This process continuously moves in repeating manner.

Formation of Ozone

Formation of Ozone
  • Oxygen and its products are present in the atmosphere. Ozone is an important product of oxygen.
  • In stratosphere, ozone layer plays a preventive role.
  • Dangerous ultraviolet rays are prevented to reach at earth by ozone layer because ultra violet rays are very harmful for animals, plants, and whole part of earth.

Ozone Layer in the Atmosphere

  • Ozone is a secondary pollutant if it is produced in troposphere than stratosphere.

Effect of Oxygen on Health

  • Accelerates/supports combustion, major hurdle in fire-fighting. But choking the fire of oxygen supply extinguishes the fire. Reacts with almost all the metals to form oxides and bring about corrosion.
  • Generally known as rusting in the context of iron. Humans breathe oxygen, but if we try to inhale pure oxygen. It could prove harmful to our internal organs. This is because of oxidizing nature of oxygen. Animals and plants survive due to presence of oxygen into different segment of environment.


1. Which among the following helps in corrosion?

a) Phosphorus

b) Water

b) Oxygen

c) Ozone

Answer: C

2. Which among the following prevent earth from the harmful UV rays.

a) Oxygen

b) Ozone

c) Carbon dioxide

d) Sulphur

Answer: B

#Steps and reactions involved in oxygen cycle

#Formation of ozone

#Effect of oxygen on health

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