Waste Collection and Container System: Components of Waste Collection

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Waste Collection

The process of collection or gathering of waste from the generation source and transferring them to the transfer stations, processing sites, disposal site or landfills

Components of Waste Collection

  • Collection points
  • Collection frequency
  • Storage Containers
  • Collection crew
  • Collection route
  • Transfer station

Characteristics of Storage Containers

  • Low cost
  • Size and weight
  • Containers should not be rough
  • Containers should not have sharp edges
  • Containers should be inert
  • Containers should be covered
  • Strength and durability
  • The containers should not absorb moisture
  • Containers should be provided with wheels which provides movement, easy carrier and hoist and tail for lifting
  • The container should be light, smooth, corrosion resistant, inert and recyclable

Types of Storage Containers

Stationary Containers

  • These are immovable and fixed at the site of storage
  • The waste collection crew manually transfers these stored wastes

Hauled/Movable Containers

Have wheels which facilitates movement of waste to

  • waste processing site
  • transfer station or
  • directly to the disposal site.

Third type of containers called communal or public containers

Types of Collection System

Hauled Container System

waste containers are hauled to discharge the waste directly to the transfer station, material recovery facility or disposal site

There are three main types of hauled container system

  • Hoist truck systems
  • Tilt frame container system
  • Trash trailer system

Stationary Container System

Systems in Which the Collection Vehicles Are Loaded Manually

used for collecting residential source separated waste, litter and co-mingled waste

Systems in Which the Collection Vehicles Are Loaded Mechanically

  • The capacity of these containers is 0.9 m3.
  • It highly flexibility with greater ease of loading

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The rate at which the waste is collected from the collection point is known as

  1. Collection points
  2. Collection frequency
  3. Storage Containers
  4. Collection crew

Answer: b

2. Which among the following is not a characteristics of storage containers:

  1. Containers should be rough
  2. Containers should not have sharp edges
  3. Containers should be inert
  4. Containers should be covered

Answer: a

3. Which among the following is a type of Hauled container system?

  1. Hoist truck systems
  2. Tilt frame container system
  3. Trash trailer system
  4. All of the above

Answer: d

4. The stationary systems in which the collection vehicles are loaded mechanically has capacity of

  1. 0.7 m3
  2. 0.8 m3
  3. 0.9 m3
  4. 1.0 m3

Answer: c

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