Religious Movements: Political History: Magadha Dynasties: Haryana՚s

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Political History

Magadha Dynasties


  • Bimbisara founded the dynasty: expands the kingdom by annexing Amga and by marring the princesses of koala (khosla- lade. Sister of present) and Visalia (Chelan. Daughter of Chetek) sent his personal physician Jicama to Ujjain to cure its ruler Chandra Pradyota Mahadeva of jaundice
  • Ajatasetru came to power by killing his tether established the supremacy of Magadha by annexing the Lichchhavi kingdom; supposed to have fallen in love with Amravati of Visalia who later became a Buddhist nun
  • Dayan the successor of Ajatasetru built the city of Pataliputra around a fort found- deed by his father.


founded by Sausage who an- nixed Avanti: Kalkaska or Kakavarin shifted the capital from Girivraja to Pataliputra.


Mahapatra nana- founder: Dhan nana- the 8th son of the founder and the 1st Nanda ruler. Overthrown by Chandragupta Maura. It was under the nanas. Particularly Mahapadma. That Magadha became the first imperial state of India. When it came to include all parts of the Gang etic valley. Central India and probably parts of the Deccan.

Foreigners Invasions

Foreigners Invasion

Persian Invasion

  • Cyrus of Persia was the greatest conqueror in the history of the ancient orient. He was the first foreign conqueror who led an expedition and penetrated well inside India All Indian tribes to the west of the Indus right up to the Kabul region submitted and paid him trite.
  • Darius i. the grandson of Cyrus. Con ored the Indus valley in 518 BC. Herodotus states that India was the twentieth satrapy of Darius.
  • Darius III enlisted Indian soldiers and sent them to fight Alexander. The control of the Persians slackened on the eve of Alexander s invasion of Asia.

Alexander՚s Invasion of India

After the Persians. The Greeks were the second invaders. Alexander ascended the throne of Macedonia and conquered the whole of Persian Empire stretching from Asia Minor to Afghanistan.

Alexander՚s Invasion of India
  • (b) On the eve of Alexander՚s invasion several petty chiefs and independent tribes were ruling the north and north- west India they had been wasting their energy and resources in internecine quarrels. Animosity between the rulers of tail and purva provoked the former to send his son Ambit to Bactria to assure support to Alexander. Against the other rulers of India When Alexander crossed the Indus. He was courteously received by Ambit who had succeeded his father in the meantime.
  • Battle of hisses; Alexander arrived at the bank of Hyades (Jhelum) and crossed the river in dark and took pours by surprise. A fierce battle was fought. Pours himself displayed unprecedented courage. But he lost the battle. The conqueror, who admired pours ‘indecent spirit’ not only granted pours his own kingdom but also enlarged it by adding a state of larger dimension.
  • Alexander advanced towards the bank of the Beas with a view to annexing the Magadha Empire. But here his fatigued soldiers refused to cross the river. Simile- timeously. They learnt that beyond the Beas was a strong state which might not be subdued so easily; Hence, Alexander failed to persuade his soldiers to take up the new venture.
  • Consequently Alexander ordered retreat making adequate arrangements to look after the newly acquired possessions The retreat began down the Jhelum and the Indus When Alexander reached the Indus delta, he divided his army into two units One portion was dips etched by sea under the command of Narcho՚s The other was kept under his own command Leaving by the Land route Alexander reached Babylon (modern Baghdad) but fell Seri oily ill and died in June 323 BC at the age of thirty three only.

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