Modern Media and Types: Video, Graphics, Weblogs, Websites and Social Networks

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  • Modern Media in simple terms refers to content that is easily accessible via many different forms of digital media.
  • The modern media contain technologies that enable digital generative or interactive processes.
  • The information and stories regarding various subjects and issues can be represented in the form of texts, images, sounds, animations and videos.
  • Modern media doesn՚t include the traditional ones we are most familiar with, like newspapers and TVs.
Types of Modern Media

Digital Video, Digital Sound

  • Digital Video is the electronic representation of visual images in the form of encoded digital data.
  • The Modern interconnect standards for digital video include HDMI, Display Port, Digital Visual Interface (DVI) and serial digital interface (SDI) .
  • Digital video can be stored on digital media such as Blu-ray Disc, on computer data storage or streamed over the Internet to end users.
  • Digital video can be copied with no degradation in quality.
  • Digital Audio is the sound wave of the audio signal is encoded as numerical samples in continuous sequence. For example, in case of CD audio.
  • An analog electrical signal is converted into a digital signal.
  • Some of the examples of digital audio file formats include AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV, etc.
  • Digital audio technologies can be used for recording, manipulation, mass-production, and distribution of sound, including recordings of songs, instrumental pieces, podcasts, sound effects, and other sounds.

Computer Graphics and Animation

  • Computer graphics are the pictures and films created using computers.
  • In Computer graphics image data is created with the help of specialized graphical hardware and software.
  • User interface design, sprite graphics, rendering, geometry processing, computer animation, vector graphics, 3D modeling are some of the topics in computer graphics.
  • Computer animation is used for generating animated images digitally.
  • Traditional Animation (2D, Cel, Hand Drawn) , 2 D Animation (Vector based) , 3 D Animation (CGI, Computer Animation) and Motion Graphics (Typography, Animated Logos) are some of the most popular animations, Stop Motion. (Claymation, Cut-Outs) .

Weblogs, Vlogs, Plogs, Mob Logs, Webcam Blogs, Screencast Blogs, Podcast Blogs, Community Blogs, Microblogs

  • A weblog is a Web site that consists of a series of entries arranged in reverse chronological order.
  • Vlog or a Video log is a form of web television. Vlog category is popular on the video-sharing platform YouTube.
  • A plog (Photoblog) is a blog that is primarily used to display photos. A photoblog (or photolog) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog.
  • Moblogs also known as mob logging is a method of publishing to a website or blog from a mobile phone or other handheld device. It is popular among people with camera phones which allow them to e-mail/MMS or SMS photos and video.
  • Webcam blogs using Webcams are ideal for recording video for blogs and are easy to use.
  • Screencast blogs are the digital video recording of computer screens for blogs. It often contains voice over narration.
  • Podcast blogs can be used to producing long-form content. The podcast blogging steps include Check your blog՚s suitability for podcasting, Getting the right microphone and recording software, Install the necessary plugins and configure the back-end, create your podcast՚s artwork that appears in iTunes, Record, upload, and publish your first episode.
  • Community blogs can be used to post journals by authors, entries on a single space, where people can respond by commenting on posts.
  • Microblogs can be used a social media site to which a user makes short, frequent posts. For example Twitter provides a quick and convenient way to share short posts, GIFs, article links, videos and more.


  • A content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content is called Multimedia.
  • This media can be recorded and played, displayed, interacted with or accessed by information content processing devices.
  • Using media player Multimedia presentations may be viewed by person on stage, projected, transmitted or played locally.
  • Linear and non-linear are the two categories of Multimedia. Cinema Presentation is an example Linear content and Hypermedia (graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks) is an example of non-linear content.

Hyperlinks to Web Resources

  • The documents and other web sources contained within the World Wide Web can be identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs, such as Reference article) .
  • The resources of the WWW may be interlinked by hypertext, and become accessible over the Internet.


  • It is a free service using which Internet users can pull audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting Web sites.
  • It uses a subscription model to download new episodes automatically using web syndication.
  • In Web Syndication the content is made available from one website to the other websites.
  • Examples include Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix etc.

Social Networks

  • These include Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, My Space.
  • These social sites have become powerful marketing and communication tools.
  • The small and medium sized businesses can use these social sites to interact with their clients in an easy and affordable manner. The customers can be updated regarding any new product launches by addition of suitable product description pages or contents to these social networking sites.

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