ICSE Introduction

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The ICSE, acronym for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is a private board for school education in India. It conducts the ICSE examination for students of 10th grade. The course content is derived as per the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 (India) . It conducts the examination only for the English medium. It covers up the general education. The board is affiliated to certain schools in which it takes examination. No private candidates are allowed to appear for this examination.

In all subjects other than Science and Computers, work assignments are to be submitted by the students which account for 20 % of the students marks in Group I while it accounts for 50 % in Group II. In subjects of Science and Computers, students are tested on their laboratory work.

In subjects which have more than one paper, the final marks in the subject is the average of all the subjects. There are total 7 subjects which have 1 to 3 papers in each subject, thereby the total ranging 8 − 12 papers.

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