ICSE/ISC Board Exam: Major Similarities in Biology

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  • Endostyle of Urochordates = Thyroid of man
  • Chloragogen cells of earthworm = liver of man
  • Companion cells of phloem = albuminous cell of conifers
  • Starch Sheath of sterm is homologous to endodermis = endodermoid
  • Megasporophyll of cycas = Carpels of angiosperms
  • Micro Megasporophyll of cycas = Stamens of angiosperms
  • Prothallial cell of pollen grain = male gametophyte
  • Mesosome of prokaryotes = mitrochondria of eukaryotes
  • Megasponangia blaring pteridophytes = Carpels of angiosperm
  • acropetal arrangement of flower = Centripetal arrangement
  • Contractile Vacuole of paramecium = uriniferous tubule
  • Endosperm of pinus = prothallus of adiantum
  • Central axis of cone = thalamus of flower
  • Muller organ of protochordate = pituitary of vertebrates
  • Labia majora = Scrotum of male
  • Clitoris = penis in male
  • Muller՚s organ of amphioxus = pituitary gland of man

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