Change of the Pass Mark Criteria for the ICsE & IsC Examinations from the Year 2019 Onwards. (Download PDF)

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Change of the Pass Mark criteria for the ICSE & ISC Examinations from the Year 2019 onwards. The Council has participated in numerous meetings by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, along with the other Examination Boards of the country.

ICsE & IsC Examination

It was nominated to be a member of the Inter-Board Working Group (IBWG) to discuss various examination related matters and make recommendations accordingly.

  • Among the many recommendations made by the Inter-Board Working Group (IBWG) ,
  • Its suggested by all boards in all over country should have the same pass mark criteria. In view of this fact, the Council has decided to change its pass mark criteria. The objective of this is to bring about a close uniformity with other Boards in the country.
  • For the ICSE Examination - the pass marks would be 33 % instead of the present 35 %
  • For the ISC Examination - the pass marks would be 35 % instead of the present 40 %
  • The change in the pass marks for the ICSE & ISC Examinations will be effective from the
  • Examination Year 2019 onwards. You are requested to please implement the same pass mark criteria in your Internal Examinations as well, from the Academic Year 2018 - 19 onwards.
  • Classes IX & X (ICSE) : 33 %
  • Classes XI & XII (ISC) : 35 % .

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- Published/Last Modified on: December 7, 2017

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