IsC (Class 12) and ICsE (Class 10) 2018 Exams Starts on Feb 7 and 26, Respectively (Download PDF)

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ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is a private board for school education in India conducting ICSE examination for 10th and 12th grade students. Class XII (ISC) and X (ICSE) exams starts from February 7 (practical՚s) and 26 respectively.

IsC (Class 12) and ICsE (Class 10) 2018
  • As per the new rule,
  • 33 % is the passing percentage of ICSE or Class 10 exams
  • 35 % is the passing percentage of ISC or Class 12 exams.

ICsE Board Exam 2018 Time Table

Table Contain Shows the ICsE Board Exam 2018 Time Table
Feb 26English Paper 1
Feb 27Mathematics
Feb 28Commercial Studies (Group II Elective)
Mar 5English Paper 2
Mar 7History & Civics- HCG Paper 1
Mar 9Second Languages, Modern Foreign Languages
Mar 10Art Paper 1
Mar 12Geography-HCG Paper 2
Mar 14Hindi
Mar 16Physics- Science Paper 1
Mar 17Art Paper 2
Mar 19Chemistry- Science Paper 2
Mar 21Economics (Group II Elective)
Mar 23Group III Elective
Mar 24Art Paper 3
Mar 26Biology-Science Paper 3
Mar 27Art Paper 4, French/German (Group II Elective)
Mar 28Environmental Science (Group II Elective)

IsC Board Exam 2018 Time Table

Table Contain Shows the IsC Board Exam 2018 Time Table
Feb 7Physics Paper 2 (Practical)
Feb 8Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical)
Feb 9Chemistry Paper 2 (Practical)
Feb 10Home Science, Indian Music, Western Music Paper 2 (Practical)
Feb 12Physical Education Paper 1 (theory)
Feb 13Biology Paper 2 (practical)
Feb 15Accounts paper 1 (theory)
Feb 17Home Science Paper 2 (Practical)
Feb 20Physics Paper 1 (theory)
Feb 21Sociology
Feb 22Biotechnology, Fashion Designing Paper 2 (Practical)
Feb 23Computer Science Paper 1 (theory)
Feb 24Indian Music, Western Music, Home Science Paper 1 (theory)
Feb 26Mathematics
Feb 27Art Paper 2
Feb 28English paper 2
Mar 5Chemistry Paper 1 (theory)
Mar 6Political Science
Mar 7English paper 1
Mar 8Fashion Designing Paper 1 (theory)
Mar 9Geography Paper 1 (theory)
Mar 10Art Paper 1, Geometrical and Building Drawing, Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing
Mar 12Commerce, Electricity & Electronics
Mar 13Art Paper 4
Mar 14Biotechnology Paper 1 (theory) , Elective English
Mar 15Environmental Science Paper 1 (theory)
Mar 16Indian Languages, modern foreign languages, classical languages
Mar 17Art Paper 3
Mar 19Economics
Mar 20Art Paper 5
Mar 21Biology Paper 1 (theory)
Mar 26History
Mar 28Business Studies
Apr 2Psychology

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