ICWA Book List 2021

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Quick Revision for Financial Accouting: For ICWA Intermediate Paper 5 - Tulsian P. C. , Tulsian Bharat – Buy from Amazon

Tulsian Quick Revision For Company Accounts & Audit - Bharat Tulsian – Buy from Amazon

Tulsian՚s Quick Revision for Corporate Finanical Reporting for ICWA Final Paper – Tulsian P. C. , Tulsian Bharat - Buy from Amazon

CMA Foundation Paper 4 Fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics – Rupesh Agrawal Arun Kumar, Raj K Agrawal - Buy from Amazon

Objective Commerce (for CA, ICWA, CS, MBA, M. Com. etc.) - Vivek K. Gupta, Manoj Kaushik - Buy from Amazon

Cost Accounting- I: All India University Reference Book for B. Com, B. B. M, M. Com, M. B. A, C. A, I. C. W. A and other professional Courses - B. S Raman – Buy from Amazon

Guide to GST Law with MCQ Vol 2 for CA Final, CS Prof, CMA Final, GST Practitioners exams (Updated till 30 - 6-2020) – Buy from Amazon

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