Preparation Tips for the ICWA 2021

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  • Go through the institute study material which is more than enough to clear your papers
  • Focus on understanding the concepts than trying to read from exam point of view.
  • At least start your preparation 2 months before the exam.
  • I have observed that topics studied before 15 days of the exam will be forgotten by the time of exam, so when you study make notes and points in a notebook which you can revise few days before the exam as itีšs not possible to revise the entire study material before the exams. Start revising these notes and points few days before exam.
  • Prepare a proper plan with number of days allocation to study each subject and number of hours for each chapter.
  • Thoroughly take your time before starting to study the material to analyze at least 5 to 10 previous question papers. Analyze the different chapters from which questions have been asked and different topics on which questions have been asked. It should provide you a brief understanding of the topics which are of more importance. Prioritize to study these topics during your study.
  • For practical problems lay emphasis on remembering the formulas and sequence of steps for solving the problems
  • As you are working full time, I know that itีšs not possible to cover entire study material. But as a rough guideline you should be confident in at least 70 % of the syllabus.
  • Most important tip is trying to take at least 10 days leave from work before exams to study. It is necessary to build the mental preparedness for the exam.

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