Guaranteeing the Fairness of IELTS

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When you register or arrive for the test-Your finger is scanned & Your photograph is taken

Check is made whether the same person is attending every part of the test or not.

Student՚s identity checks are also taken care of meanwhile the Reading and Writing test and again on check-in for the Speaking test.

All test materials are integrated, checked against registration and seat details and double-counted before test takers are released from their test session.

All test centers are frequently supervised and audited.

Test papers are printed on high-security paper

Test papers are distributed ultimately to test centers without human interference.

Every test paper includes specific combination of questions-no two tests will be similar.

Systems are set to automatically and routinely scrutinize test results.

In case of anomaly, the candidate, test Centre and any organization that has been sent the result are mentioned and suitable action is taken like cancellation of an individual՚s result.

IELTS has secure verification system which makes it easy for universities, employers and government to check the validity of results at any time.

Any malpractices like someone else giving exam in your replacement will result in being disqualified from the test.

Information of malpractices is passed to any organizations to which you have applied, using desirable visa processing authorities.