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Characteristics of a Good Book for IELTS

Lot many books are available in the market for practising for the test. However it is recommended that you choose the book which has lot many practice set papers and explanatory answers to each practice paper. It will be useful if the book has also a CD or DVD as it will help you enhance your skills. Some books are stated below. These books can be purchased online or from a nearby book store. There are websites which offer old books at low prices which are being auctioned by students who had appeared for the exam earlier.

Book List

Official IELTS Practice Materials

  • IELTS offers its own official IELTS Practice Materials. This will brief you regarding the test format in detail and also gives you enough practice tests and provides answers for the same. There are two volumes of the Official IELTS Practice Materials:
  • Vol. 1 Official IELTS Practice Materials (with CD)
  • Vol. 2 Official IELTS Practice Materials (with DVD)
  • Both volumes of the practice material offer samples of the Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking modules with sample answers and Examiner comments. The CD in Vol. 1 offers samples of the Listening test and the DVD in Vol. 2 shows candidates taking the Speaking test.


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