IELTS Exam Preparation Tips

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  • Wisely distribute the time given. The IELTS test is taken under time-limit pressures. Hence you need to encash the opportunity well and attempt all the sections.
  • Identify your weakness from any section. Practise well on that part. But do not forget to focus on other sections as well.
  • Remember to strengthen your vocabulary. Practise learning few new words everyday. Take care and understand well the American and British english.
  • Decide where you want to get the admission. Apply to the required college or university. They will let you the know the required IELTS score for admission on the basis of which you can target the marks.
  • Keep an eye on your firmness about the correctness of the answer.
  • If you do change correct answers to incorrect answers, you will want to stay with your first choice when you take the TOEFL test.