Scoring in IELTS Writing Task

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What impresses is the superb introduction. Therefore it is highly essential that you maintain a very decent introduction, if this is good, it will engage the reader further.

Note that writing on an essay is pretty different from writing about Tables, Graphs and Diagrams. In case of Tables, Graphs and Diagrams you are supposed to elaborate what is given and not mention your own opinion. Also in these cases there is no need for introduction and conclusion.

Three steps to succeed in writing about Tables, Graphs and Diagrams:

  • Figure out the core idea behind the graph or table and mention in the first statement.
  • Focus on the details of the passage-don՚t get confused and puzzled with units of measurement and time frame-and fix how much portion you need to be covered.
  • Focus on language-the introductory expressions, the tenses of the verbs, the correct expressions of time and measurement etc.

How to Start Writing?

  • Visualize what is given: For example, if the graph depicts the population of Canada from the year 1867 to 2007, then if you copy the same information on paper, it is the waste of time.
  • Focus on the core message: For example, based on that graph you can mention that there was a huge increase in the population of Canada from the year 1867 to 2007. This is acceptable and conveys that you can find out the core concept that the graph or table reveals.
  • Combining the Information: For example, the graph depicts that there was a huge increase in the population of Canada from the year 1867 to 2007. This is also an acceptable sentence and is often used as an easy way to begin with:

You can have a few fixed expressions in hand, which refer to the text itself, like those given here:

Introductory Expression:

  • The graph/table, depicts/indicates/illustrates/reveals/represents ________
  • It is clear from the graph/table ________
  • It can be seen from the graph/table ________
  • As the graph/table shows, ________
  • As can be seen from the graph/table, ________
  • As is shown by the graph/table, ________
  • As is illustrated by the graph/table, ________
  • From the graph/table it is clear ________

Points to Remember

Avoid the usage of personal pronouns rather than saying we can see from the graph, it is advisable to use the passive or impersonal constructions.

Never Ever Do This

Do not use the phrase: For example, “As per the graph” -Because the phrase means that the information comes from another person or source, and not from our own knowledge. In the case of a graph or table that is shown, you can see the information and so you know it does not come from another source.

Expressions as can be seen from the graph or as is depicted by the table do NOT have dummy subject. Never use these expressions if you think you are going to forget this unusual grammar.

Do not use the word “presents” rather use overview.