Section-Wise Tips for IELTS 2022

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Listening Tips

Read the questions for that section minutely, before the recording starts.

Listen carefully for the hints as to which stage of the recording you are listening to, for words like ‘firstly’ ‘my next point’ ‘to sum up’ These words helps to find which question you have reached.

Reading Tips

Practice lots and lots of reading-focus on numerous English texts. This develops ability to read quickly as is needed under test conditions.

The texts covered in the Reading must have the information you need to answer the question.

You won՚t have to use your own knowledge of a topic.

Writing Tips

Be attentive while using your own words, never ever copy words from the question.

Make your position or point of view crystal clear for the examiner

Last paragraph will be the conclusion and it must be coherent with the arguments covered in your essay.

Speaking Tips

Take the time to practice speaking English-with friends, at work and on the phone-You can call on call center and improve.

Record your voice and now pick your limitations

There are no right or wrong answers in the Speaking test-what matters is CONFIDENCE