Some Realities About IELTS

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Many of the students and colleagues will make you afraid about the IELTS examination. But the reality of IELTS is pretty different from what is observed by others.

  • Questions are pretty clear and well framed
  • Questions are not at all tricky they aim to test your viewpoint
  • Results come on a 9-band scale i.e.. . 1 is the lowest, 9 is the highest-so there is no pass and fail game
  • Score are asked for visa interview and organization where you need to apply for
  • IELTS test will be the same level of difficulty irrespective of the place you appear
  • Have a good meal and plenty of sleep before your test to boost yourselves.
  • Take time into consideration and reach the center appropriately on time
  • IELTS examiners in all nations get same high level of training
  • IELTS examiners are supervised to check the rate your responses consistently wherever you sit the test.
  • Smiling helps to feel relaxed and improve your performance but it will not increase your score in speaking tests
  • You will not lose marks if you cannot follow or speak with an Australian, American or British accent-altering your accent for speaking exam is never encouraged
  • Speak clearly and maintain a constant speed-you must have the voice highs and lows to emphasize your point
  • Put hard efforts to correct your English vocabulary and listening to tough native speaker accents will help you pronounce hard words with clarity and efficiency.
  • Focus on minimum word limit, which is very crucial-that is usually 150 words for Task 1 and 250 words for Task 2
  • If you write more than the limit prescribed, it does not mean you will get more marks
  • There is no judgment of opinion that is made in speaking writing section
  • Aim of examiner is to concentrate upon how well you can utilize your English to report information and represent ideas as well as opinions.
  • Aim to enhance your English, you must use English in your everyday lives-speak it with your friends, prepare notes and email in English, read English newspapers, listen English radio and music.
  • IELTS is supervised by sophisticated and multi-layered security measures to prevent acts of cheating
  • Many educational institutions, employers & professional registration bodies accept IELTS for its fairness of the test.
  • IELTS is also accepted by government for migration purposes than any other test.

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