IES Exam: Books for Civil Engineering

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  1. Engineering Mechanics - Shames - Buy from Amazon
  2. Mechanics for Engineers- B Johnson - Buy from Amazon
  3. Engineering Mechanics - Mchean
  4. Limit State Design - Ram Chandra - Buy from Amazon
  5. Surveying - Punmia - Buy from Amazon
  6. Strength of Material - V N Vazaram
  7. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering - A Singh and K R Arora
  8. Strength and Meterials -UC. Jindal - Buy from Amazon
  9. Introduction to Mechanics of Solids - Crandall - Buy from Amazon
  10. Basic and applied Fluid Mechanics-Garde
  11. Strength of material - Gere and Timoshenko - Buy from Amazon
  12. Concrete Technology - MS Shetty - Buy from Amazon
  13. RCC (WSM) - Shyal and Goyal
  14. RCC (LSM) - AK Jain
  15. Steel Structure - L S Negi
  16. Soil Mechanics - K R Arora - Buy from Amazon
  17. Fluid Mechanics - Modi & Seth
  18. Theory of Structure (Vol - II) - Vazirani and Ratwani
  19. Irrigation Engineering - S K Garg - Buy from Amazon
  20. Prestress Concrete - N. Krishna Rajee
  21. Engineering Hydrology - K Subramanya - Buy from Amazon

Other References

  1. Strength of Materials by Gere and Temoshenko & B C Punamia
  2. Structural Analysis by Negi; S Ramamurtham, C K Vang - Buy from Amazon
  3. Concrete Structures by Punamia & Jain; H J Shah
  4. Steel Structures by Duggal - Buy from Amazon
  5. Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg. by Ranjan & Rao; Venkat Ramaiha; S K Garg
  6. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics by Modi & Seth; R K Bansal; Subramanyam - Buy from Amazon
  7. Irrigation by S K Garg - Buy from Amazon
  8. Environmental Engineering Vol. I Water Supply Engineering by Garg Sk - Buy from Amazon
  9. Environmental Engineering by Howard S. Peavy - Buy from Amazon
  10. Environmental Engineering by N N Basak- Buy from Amazon
  11. Highway Engg. by Khanna & Jasto, Kadiyali

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • IES civil engineering exam paper 1 & paper 2 - What to study?

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    1 Answer

    For IES civil engineering exam, you will have to prepare all topics of civil engineering as per the syllabus - both MCQs and essay type questions.

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  • Which book should I use for subjective preparation of ies I mean is there a book where past IES subjective questions are solved chapterwise (civil engineering)?

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    1 Answer

    The past papers for IES are given on the website and there is an extensive booklist which is mentioned under the booklist for IES examination. You will have to look out for a dedicated book on just the solutions of IES Civil Engineering at the local book shop.

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