General Preparation Tips for IES Exam

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Here are some of the must know general preparation guidance for IES examination

  • If you are thing to attend IES then start preparation from the time you thought about it. Because preparation of IES takes more time due to lengthy syllabus.
  • First understand what IES is and which subjects are to be considered in it. Then decide which subject will be easy for you to complete and start preparation from that subject.
  • Mix the order of the entire subjects in easy and hard order so it will be interesting for you, make proper timetable and regularly follow it.
  • After proper study of all the subjects practice last yearีšs paper both objective and subjective papers so that you will get better idea about exam pattern and week area of yours so you can further prepare according to it.
  • Whereas you practicing objective try to measure your speed to complete maximum question in less time.
  • And while you review your solved question and find some question incorrect then do not check solution of that question directly try to solve it after some time and after 2 - 3 trial check solution though this you will be sharp in such types of question which is your week area. Do this for subjective type question also.
  • In subjective paper start with the best answer, which you can write so, the paper checker will be more impress.
  • Be habituated to explain each formula or expression used in the answer and if a symbol is used its meaning.
  • Make practice to write extra notes regarding to the answer is you are properly aware of it then examiner will think that you actually has worked hard and not only know answer but external knowledge which is come after long time practice.
  • In addition, the one and only tip for best result in any field is Hard Work & Practice.