Indian Engineering Services (IES) Preparation Tips for English, GK and Interview 2022

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IES is the cater services to the technical and managerial functions of the Government of India. The IES exam is conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) and the Union Government of India appoints IES officers based on the recommendations made by the UPSC.

Preparation Tips

General English

In this paper basic knowledge and general understanding about the English will tested.

  • First of all your basic of English grammar should have to strong and if you have little problem refer best English grammar book and clear concept about the how to use words, parts of speech and tenses.
  • From the day you decide to prepare for IES make habit to learn 20 new English worlds daily with their antonyms and synonyms to increase your vocabulary.
  • Be habitude to read English Newspaper, books or watch English News to enhance your vocabulary to a great extent.
  • To get clear idea about exam patter and which type of questions asked in exam try to solve as many past question papers as possible.
  • On which topic you have to focuses more and to get idea about your preparation attend online English tests.

General Knowledge

In this paper knowledge on current affairs, Geography, history and other subjects will test. The candidate will also be measured for their knowledge about the application of scientific aspects in day-today life - the way an educated person may be able to observe.

  • Be updated about what is happening in the country and across the world for this you have to regularly read newspaper and watch news on TV.
  • Also read latest GK books as possible
  • Solve last year question papers as much as possible.
  • Attend online GK mock tests.

IES Personal Interview

After clearing written test personal interview will take place. This interview has 200 marks and in the personal interview leadership qualities, physical and mental abilities, presence of mind and social qualities, interaction ability, approach towards people and ability to work in with others as a team, etc. factors will be tested.

  • For the personal Interview no specific tips is available but one must concentrate on building oneีšs personality as a whole
  • In this interview some of the questions will be asked about yourself - like the subjects of your interest, your educational background, your positive and negative traits, how you would solve certain problems arising under certain situations, overall career objective, etc.
  • This test will judge a candidate on leadership qualities, mental and social abilities, character and integrity, one must begin to think and act like an officer so sharpen and harness your logical thinking and reasoning.
  • And if possible attend psychometric tests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)