Book List: IEcoS General Economics-II

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General Economics-II

  1. Monetary Economics: SB Gupta- Buy from
  2. Monetary Economics by ML Jhingan- Buy from
  3. Monetary Economics by Wilson- Buy from
  4. International Economics by Salvatore- Buy from
  5. International Economics by Mannur- Buy from
  6. International Economics by Jhingan- Buy from
  7. International Economics by F. Cherunilam- Buy from
  8. Growth and Development: M L Jhingan- Buy from
  9. Economic Growth and Development by Baldwin- Buy from
  10. Econometrics by Woolridge- Buy from
  11. Economterics by Hatekar- Buy from
  12. Introduction to Econometrics by Maddala- Buy from
  13. Statistics: Class 11th and 12th NCERT books
  14. Statistics for Economics by Anderson- Buy from
  15. Statistics for Economics by Moonga- Buy from
  16. On Ethics and Economics by Amartya Sen- Buy from

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