IEcoS General Economics Paper 3 Papers 2005

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IEcoS General Economics Paper 3 2005


  1. Candidates should attempt any five of the following parts (Answer to each part should be approximately of 50 words): 5 × 7 = 35

    1. Noise pollution

    2. Non-renewable wealth

    3. IRR

    4. Shadow price of capital

    5. Composition of money market

    6. Primary deficit

    7. ‘Ability to pay’ theory of taxation


  1. Candidates should attempt any five of the following parts (Answer to each part should be approximately of 150 words) 5 × 15 = 75

    1. How cart biological wealth and its depletion or accretion be a part of GDP estimation?

    2. What are the effects of global warming?

    3. Explain the role of insurance in economic development.

    4. What is Outcome budget? What purpose does it serve?

    5. Discuss the role of planning in the liberalized context.

    6. Explain the structure of the Indian financial system.

    7. Explain the objective of fiscal policy in a developing economy.


Candidates should attempt any three of the following questions (Answer to each question should be approximately of 500 words)

  1. Distinguish between urban formal and informal sectors and discuss the merits and demerits of informal urban labour market. 30

  2. What is Cost-Benefit Analysis? Examine its important uses and drawbacks in Plan formulation. 30

  3. Critically review the role and strategies of Mutual Funds in Capital Market. 30

  4. The Twelfth Finance Commission has made Significa0 recommendations on debt relief for States. However, single-minded pursuit of fiscal corrections to get the benefit of debt relief can have disastrous implications for States where social and economic infrastructure investment has been insufficient. Analyses the statement. 30

  5. Critically analyses the role of subsidies in development and the approach of Central Government on subsidies. 30

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