IEcoS General Economics Paper 3 Papers 2006

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IEcoS General Economics Paper 3 2006


  1. Candidates should attempt any five of the following parts (Answer to each part should be approximately of 50 words). 5 × 7 = 35

    1. Air pollution

    2. Renewable resources

    3. Social discount factor

    4. Commercial banks in money market

    5. Public debt

    6. Value, of a constraint in its shadow price

    7. Benefit principle of taxation


  1. Candidates should attempt any five of the following parts (Answer to each part should be approximately of 150 words). 5 × 15 = 75

    1. How can environment degradation be incorporated in national income accounting?

    2. What are the causes of climate change?

    3. How can the moral hazard problem affect insurance adversely for economic development?

    4. Explain the basic characteristics of Todaro model of rural-urban migration.

    5. Discuss the ‘double dividend’ nature of certain environmental policies.

    6. Define the concept of ‘deficit financing’ and discuss its relevance in a developing economy like India.

    7. Does globalization imply negation of the state in economic affairs?


Candidates should attempt any three of the following question (Answer to each part should be approximately of 500 words).

  1. Discuss the problems of decentralized planning. How can the constraints of such planning be addressed successfully? 30

  2. How do the fluctuations in stock exchange market affect the stability of an economy? Critically analyses the policies followed by the government of India in this respect. 30

  3. What has been the effect of globalization on labour in informal sector? Has it contributed to the child labour problem? Explain. 30

  4. Do the non-banking financial intermediaries provide close substitute for money? Should their operations be regulated by policy interventions? 30

  5. What kind of monitoring and evaluation methods is needed for development planning in the context of liberalization? Discuss. 30

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