IFS-2000: General English

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Section A

  1. Write an essay, in about 800 to 1000 words, on any one of the following: (100 marks)

    1. Transforming Our Huge Population into Human Resources

    2. Fundamental Foundations of Democracy

    3. Material Progress and Human Values

    4. The Private Sector vs The Public Sector

    5. Moral Dilemmas Inherent in the Scientific Progress, Particularly in Genetics and Medicine

  2. Imagine you are X. You are less than satisfied with the programmes broadcast on the local radionetwork. Write a letter to The Director, Radio Station, ABC Centre without indicating your rollnumber, place of domicile and other identification, Disclosure of identity will attract suitable penalty, including reduction of marks (50 marks). OrDescribe in about celebration of a festival, one page the (50 marks)

  3. Write a precis in your own words reducing the given passage of 720 words to a precis that containsno fewer than 230 and no more than 250 words. Indicate the exact number of words in your answer. The precis must be written only in the special precis-sheet supplied. Marks will be reduced if theprods is not written on the precis-sheet (75 marks).

  4. Answer the following questions

    1. Rewrite the following sentences correctly choosing the most appropriate words from the listgiven below: (15 marks) abrupt; nucleus; miniature; integrity; texture

      1. My brother made a/an ____ locomotive which is great fun to watch.

      2. When the car in front came to a/an ____ stop, I very nearly ran into it.

      3. You can tell by the ____ of this cloth that it will wear well.

      4. The stamps you gave me formed the ____ of my collection.

      5. My bank manager is a person of ____ and can be fully trusted.

    2. Rewrite as directed: (15 marks)

      1. It's your birthday today ____ (Supply an appropriate question tag)?

      2. I don't think you two have met before, ____ (Supply an appropriate question tag)?

      3. If you don't work hard, you cannot succeed in life (Begin: Unless____).

      4. If is too wet to walk (Remove too).

      5. We expect an improvement in the patient's condition in a day or two (Rewrite in the passive voice).

    3. Rewrite as directed: (15 marks)

      1. We (play) cricket in the nearby ground when the accident happened (Put the verb in the brackets in a correct tense).

      2. The police asked me not to leave the town without permission (Rewrite using forbid correctly).

      3. Customs officer: ‘Have you anything to declare? Fat lady:’ No, I haven't.' [Turn into indirect (reported) speech]

      4. When I was a student 1 used to rise up at 4 o'clock in the morning (Rewrite using ‘in the habit of’ ).

      5. The train started moving as soon as I got in (Rewrite using No sooner than).

  5. Correct, wherever necessary, and rewrite the following sentences: (30 marks)

    1. Last year we went on a holiday to Europe and enjoyed very much.

    2. Much water has flown under the bridge.

    3. It is high time that he consults a doctor.

    4. The work is hoped to be completed soon.

    5. The poor people of the village buy neither vegetables nor grow them.

    6. ‘You are not busy, are you?’ Yes, I'm not'.

    7. Under these circumstances he had no other alternative but to resign his position.

    8. This letter is partially hand-written and partially typed.

    9. A meeting of the committee is proposed to be held next week.

    10. My cousin did not write to me since she went to Canada.

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