IFS-2001: GENERAL English

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Section A

  1. Write an essay, in about 800 to 1000 words, on any one of the following: (100 marks)

    1. The Indispensable Opposition

    2. Ecological Boomerang

    3. The Ills of Illiteracy

    4. ‘Where injustice rules, it is crime to be a silent spectator’

    5. Dreams.

  2. Draft a report for a local daily on the pros and cons of prohibition (50 marks). Or Write a letter to your friend in New York, describing a sanctuary you have seen in India. Sign yourself X. Do not mention your name or Roll No. Or address or any other detail to reveal your identity or that of the addressee. Infringement of these instructions will entail a penalty of reduction of marks.

  3. Attempt a precise in your won words, reducing the passage of 691 words to a precis that contains no fewer than 220 and no more than 240 words. Mention the exact number of words used. If the precis is not written in the special precis sheet provided, marks will be reduced (75 marks).

  4. Rewrite the following sentences correctly choosing the most appropriate words from the list given below: (15 marks) amateur; blind alley; meagre; excruciating; versatile.

    1. Shakespeare was a/an ____ genius.

    2. The festering wound is giving me ____ pain.

    3. She is performing so well; she cannot be a/an ____ artist.

    4. I cannot run the family with this ____ amount.

    5. He has found himself is a/an____ Can he come out of it?

  5. Rewrite a directed: (30 marks)

    1. Small families seem to be ____ of high income (Fill in the blank with either corrective or correlative).

    2. He made himself dear to the people around (Use the verb form of the world italicised)

    3. Acquiring a lot of property does not necessarily make a man happey (Use the noun form of the italicised world).

    4. I expect to see you soon (Use look forward in place of expect).

    5. Make a sentence, using find as noun.

    6. Nothing he did was actuated ____ fear or greed (Use appropriate preposition).

    7. As the Professor ____ the class, the students fell silent. Entered/entered into

    8. I ____ him as my friend (regard/consider).

    9. It is true that the incident never ____ (occur). Use the right tense of the word in brackets

    10. Gandhi's words had a magic-like impact on the audience (Substitute a single expression for the words italicised).

  6. Rewrite using the right tense of the verbs in brackets (15 marks). And every night I (lie) in bed (listen) to the noises in the forest. I (can) hear the rhythmic sound of snoring from Ram Lal's bed, and know that he (fall) asleep like a lot of wood.

  7. Rewrite the following after correcting the errors, if any: (15 marks)

    1. My father expired on a cloudy day.

    2. Both of them did not go to college.

    3. I am hearing a loud noise from the other room.

    4. Everybody attended the function, didn't they?

    5. I saw a dead dog running across the field.

    6. I will do if you will help me.

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