IFS-2002: General English

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Section A

  1. Write an essay, in about 800 to 1000 words, on any one of the following: (100 marks)

    1. Right to Information

    2. Globalization and Displacement of Culture

    3. Universities as Centres of Excellence

    4. Advantages of Information Technology

    5. Dalits and their Future.

  2. Draft a report for a local daily on your visit to a book fair (50 marks). Or Write a letter to your friend in France, describing the measures being taken in India to contain pollution (Sign yourself as ‘X’ Do not reveal your identity in any manner).

  3. Attempt a precis in your own words, reducing the passage of 654 words to a precis that contains no fewer than 210 and no more than 230 words. Mention the exact number of words used. If the precis is not written in the special precis sheet provided, marks will be deducted (75 marks).

  4. Rewrite the following sentences correctly choosing the most appropriate words from the list given below: (15 marks) destroyed; disaster; incessant; terrifying; freezing, periodic.

    1. The speaker calmly told us the ____ facts.

    2. The earthquake nearly ____ the old city

    3. It was a complete ____

    4. The hungry wolves were kept at bay by ____ firing.

    5. The ____ rain made the roads dangerous.

  5. Rewrite a directed: (30 marks)

    1. The correspondence between (he/him) and (I/am) continued for three years (Choose the correct pronouns).

    2. He behalves like his father (taken after/look after). (Use the correct phrase in place of the words underslines).

    3. The encyclopedia had some information. It was not detailed enough (Use conjunctive adverb).

    4. The caller asked who/whom I intended to vote for (Choose the correct pronoun).

    5. Though we had ____ the cash box, it was ……………………… (Use past participle of ‘hide’ and ‘steal’ ).

    6. The wind ____ and my hands almost ……………………… (Use past tense of ‘blow’ and ‘freeze’ ).

    7. The elderly man hoped that his children would visit him on his birthday (Change ‘hoped’ to ‘hopes’ ).

    8. Make a sentence using ‘advice’ as verb.

    9. I congratulated him ____ his birthday (Use appropriate preposition).

    10. He called upon him to make a speech.

    (Substitute a single expression for the words underlined)

  6. Rewrite using the right tense of the verbs in brackets (12 marks). When Ahmed's father heard how his son (believe) at the university, he (feel) very angry. He decided that he (will) teach his son a lesson. He wrote to Ahmed telling him that he (lose) all his money.

  7. Rewrite the following after correcting the errors, if any: (18 marks)

    1. He was the most wisest man I ever knew.

    2. My sister gets privileges because she is more older.

    3. He lain the sick child for a nap and then set watching over her.

    4. Defeated at Waterloo, they sent Napoleon into exile.

    5. Bread and butter are good for breakfast.

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