IFS-2004: General English

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Section A

  1. Write an essay, in about 800 to 1000 words, on any one of the following: (100 marks)

    1. God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.

    2. Some Major Inventions Which Have Transformed the World.

    3. The Game of Cricket and the Media Hype.

    4. One is not Born a Woman; One Becomes a Women.

    5. Solving Problem of Water Scarcity.

  2. Draft a report for a newspaper on the civic amenities in your locality (50 marks). Or Write a letter to your friend who lives abroad, describing an election scene in India. Sign yourself as x and do not reveal your identity in any manner.

  3. Attempt a precis in your won words, reducing the passage of 595 words to not fewer than 200 words and no more than 230 words. Mention the exact number of words used. If the precis is not written in the special precis sheet provided, marks will be reduced (75 marks).

  4. Rewrite the following sentences correctly choosing the most appropriate words from the list given below: (15 marks) trusts; spirits; survived; understand; architect.

    1. I ____ you want a situation.

    2. Every man is the ____ of his own fortune.

    3. This morning he seemed in good ____

    4. ____ in God and do what is right.

    5. Those soldiers who ____ have received medals.

  5. Rewrite a directed: (30 marks)

    1. Little strokes fell great oaks (Change the voice).

    2. No man can lose ____ he never had (Fill in the bank with a suitable relative pronoun).

    3. Umbrella is of no avail against thunderstorm (Insert articles wherever necessary).

    4. I speak the truth. I am not afraid of it (Combine the sentences using an infinitive).

    5. The exercise was written ____ me …………… a Parker fountain pen (Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions).

    6. The news is too good to be true (Rewrite the sentence removing ‘too’ without changing the meaning).

    7. It is better to starve than beg (Change the degree of comparison without changing the meaning).

    8. The rose by any other name would smell as sweet (Express the meaning in a negative form).

    9. Girl wanted for telephone of nice manners and appearance (Rewrite improving the arrangement).

    10. If I had known you were coming, I (met) you at the station.

    (Rewrite putting the verb in the bracket in the correct tense).

  6. Rewrite, using the right tense of the verbs in brackets: (12 marks) He (throw) over her shoulder the garments he (buy) for them. She (conscious) of this and (anxious) to hurry away lest she should be noticed by others.

  7. Rewrite the following after correcting the errors, if any: (18 marks)

    1. Ram, like his brothers, are careful about his work.

    2. Electricities is expensive these days.

    3. Little children often need help with his homework.

    4. Our legal system believes that criminals should be persecuted.

    5. Paul reads the book, wrote a report and returning it to the library.

    6. When well cooked, grandma served the curry to me.

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