IFS-2006: General English

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Section A

  1. Write an essay, in about 800 to 1000 words, on any one of the following: (100 marks)

    1. Our Wild Life Heritage

    2. Democracy Versus Totalitarianism

    3. Our Problem of Poverty in the Midst of Plenty

    4. The Menace of Terrorism and Ways to Combat it

    5. The Globalization of Indian Economy.

  2. Write a report on the need to revive the village industries in our country (50 marks). Or Write a letter (signing yourself as ‘X’ ) to the Minister of Environment & Forests, Government of India informing him about the problems of preservation of forests.

  3. Attempt a precis of the following passage in your world using not less than 160 and not more than 182 words. The exact number of the words used must be mentioned. If the precis is not written on the special precis sheet, it shall be marked down: (75 marks)

  4. Rewrite the following sentences correctly, choosing the appropriate words given below: (15 marks) affects, convinced, prohibit, effects, refute.

    1. The latest statistics ____ his claim that the economy is expanding.

    2. In time Einstein ____ most physicists that his theory was correct.

    3. Most States have laws that ____gambling.

    4. Cold weather ____children more than adults.

    5. The strictness of the police had good ____

  5. Rewrite as directed (without hanging the meaning): (30 marks)

    1. My father (be) sixty years old last Tuesday (Supply the correct tense).

    2. You read too quickly (Insert ‘rather’ at the right place).

    3. They provided him to be the circuit (Rewrite the sentence using the passive voice of the finite verb).

    4. ____ less then five people have tried to solve the problem, but ……… One of them has been able to do it (Insert ‘no’ or ‘not’ in the blanks spaces).

    5. Are you ____ the goods with you, or world you like them ……… On later (Insert the present or past participate of ‘take’ or ‘send’ whichever you think is correct)?

    6. This kind of tree grows very ____ (Fill in the blanks space with either ‘slow; or’ slowly').

    7. The ought to be here ____ now (Use the appropriate preposition).

    8. John does not like English Grammar (Turn into negative question).

    9. I prefer white coffee to blank one (Correct the sentence).

    10. There ____ plenty of time before the bus leave.

    (Supply an appropriate verb).

  6. Supply ‘a (n)’ ‘some’ or ‘the’ where necessary: (12 marks)

    1. There are____ children outside:

    2. My wife has gone to ____ hospital to visit his sick father.

    3. I have never known so wet ____ summer.

    4. ____ Russians sent up ……… First earth satellite.

    5. ____ lion is ……………… Dangerous animal.

    6. He is living at ____ place in the USA.

  7. Rewrite the following after correcting the errors, if any: (18 marks)

    1. They climbed on the tree.

    2. I invited my friends on dinner.

    3. My teacher was angry

    4. Flour is made of wheat.

    5. Her dress was made from silk.

    6. Whom did you give it do?

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