IFS-2007: General English

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Section A

  1. Write an essay, in about 800 to 1000 words, on any one of the following: (100 marks)

    1. How far has the UN Accomplished its Declared Objects?

    2. Move for Ecological Security

    3. Interlinking of Rivers: A Mixed Blessing.

    4. Women's Reservation Bill.

    5. Panchayati Raj and Rural Development.

  2. Write a report on measures which should be taken by your country to prevent water pollution (50 marks). Or Write a letter (signing yourself as ‘X’ ) to the editor of a newspaper demanding severe checks on cyber terrorism.

  3. Attempt a precis of the following passage in your own words using no less than 180 and no more than 205 words. The exact number of the words used must be mentioned. If the precis is not written on the special precis sheet, it shall be marked down (75 marks).

  4. Rewrite the following sentences correctly, choosing the appropriate words given below: (15 marks) loose, except, lose, accept, stationery, stationary.

    1. Good ____ is expensive.

    2. Do not ____ the money.

    3. The banks ____ deposits of money.

    4. His sandals were ____

    5. Everyone ____ Gopal passes the test.

  5. Rewrite as directed (without hanging the meaning): (30 marks)

    1. It (be) fourteen years since I saw him (Supply the correct tense).

    2. His health is ____ too good (Insert ‘no’ ‘none’ or ‘nothing’ in the blank space).

    3. The sun has ripped the fruit (Turn the sentence into Passive voice).

    4. The lecture was well-attended (Insert ‘fairly’ at the right place).

    5. We ____ nothing to eat since eight o'clock this morning (Fill in the blank space with the correct tense).

    6. What you would do if you ____ attacked by a bandit (Fill in the correct verb)?

    7. Write the exercise ____ ink (Use the appropriate preposition).

    8. This is the person. I gave the money to him (Combine the sentences by using as infinite).

    9. H was rude to say that (Rewrite the sentence by using an introductory ‘it’ and an ‘of’ adjunct)

    10. She cares for the sick. She cared for the wounded (Express the ideas in one sentence by using ‘both’ ).

  6. Supply ‘no’ ‘none’ ‘not’ or ‘nothing’ in the blank spaces: (12 marks)

    1. They had ____ warm clothing.

    2. There is ____ a stupid scholar in the class.

    3. He is ____ older than I am.

    4. We arrived ____ too soon.

    5. An elephant is ____ like a giraffe.

    6. We were ____ the worse for our experience.

  7. Rewrite the following sentences removing the errors, if any: (18 marks)

    1. Father comes at home at five o'clock.

    2. I have had my dinner an hour ago.

    3. I did not see him since last January.

    4. Ring up me at 3.30.

    5. It is not very warm today, isn't it?

    6. She is making her prayer.

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