IFS-2000: Zoology

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Section A

  1. Write briefly on any four of the following in not more than 150 words each

    1. The concept of species and its significance in classification (10).

    2. Metamerism in Neries (10).

    3. Retrogressive metamorphosis (10).

    4. Poison apparatus of snakes and mechanism of biting (10).

    5. Anatomical peculiarities and affinities of Apoda (10).

  2. Answer the following questions

    1. Illustrate the structure of an ommatidium and explain the mechanism of image formation in insects (20).

    2. With suitable examples describe the parasitic adaptations in helminths (20).

  3. Answer the following questions

    1. Describe the general organisation of Echinodermata and comment on its affinities (20).

    2. Give a brief account of migration in birds (20).

  4. With suitable diagrams and examples describe the dentition in mammals. Comment on its relationship with their feeding habits (40).

Section B

  1. Write notes on any four of the following in not more than 150 words each:

    1. Characteristics of population (10).

    2. Sources, effects and fate of air pollutants (10).

    3. Parasitic protozoans (10).

    4. Methods and significance of induced breeding in fish (10).

    5. Periplaneta americana as a household pest and its control measures (10).

  2. Evaluate critically the present status of wildlife conservation in India. Suggest suitable corrective measures, if required (40).

  3. Answer the following questions

    1. With suitable examples explain the role of pheromones in insect behaviour (20).

    2. Giving appropriate examples describe the different measures of central tendency (20).

  4. Answer the following questions

    1. Discuss briefly the role of water as an abiotic factor (20).

    2. Present a brief review of the fundamental concepts related to energy flow in the environment (20),

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