Preparation Tips for the IIFT 2022

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Candidates are advised to carefully go through the general exam day instructions which they will be required to follow on the day of IFFT. On the admit card of IIFT, the details will be clearly mentioned. To be learned in advance, IIFT article can be referred by candidates. Some of the exam day guidelines are mentioned in IIFT admit card are mentioned below and can be checked for reference purpose:

  • Candidates should check and visit the exam center allotted to them prior to the day of IIFT 2021
  • Only the seat allotted to each candidate must be occupied by them without fail
  • Stationery items such as pens, pencils, papers etc. , should not be brought to the exam hall by candidates, as IIFT 2021 will be computer-based exam
  • Candidates who will carry any electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital watches etc. , will not be allowed to enter the exam center

Preparation Strategy

  • Check the IIFT syllabus
  • Get hold of the right study material and IIFT preparation books
  • Join a coaching institute (if you start preparation early) or online study group
  • Download previous years՚ IIFT question papers and online mock test for practice

How to Prepare for IIFT 2020 Exam?

IIFT exam has four sections – General Knowledge (GK) , Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) , Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI) Aand Quantitative Aptitude (QA) . Start your preparation with the section you find toughest and end with the easiest. don՚t leave any topic incomplete to come back to it later. You may not remember all that you studied previously at the later stage of exam preparation, which will result in you studying all over again.

How to Prepare for GK Section of IIFT Exam

  • To prepare for this section, read newspapers, current affairs magazines and watch business news
  • There will be some questions from static GK. Prepare for it from Manorama Year Book and Competition Success Review
  • This section is the easiest to solve and has least number of questions (20) thus in the exam, you should attempt it at the end

How to Prepare for LRDI Section of IIFT Exam

  • This section of the IIFT exam paper will have 30 questions equally divided into Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI)
  • This section normally contains logic-based questions, but there could be some calculation intensive questions too. So, devote extra time on understanding the concepts and formulae.
  • While studying the topics, solve each sample question at least thrice so that the process is etched in your mind
  • Practice from previous years՚ IIFT question papers and mock test series. This will expose you to variety of LRDI questions – tough, tricky, lengthy and easy
  • Take help from online study groups to discover tricks and shortcuts of solving LRDI questions with 100 per cent accuracy
  • Revise all the concepts and formulae in the last few days before the exam

How to Prepare for QA Section of IIFT Exam

  • The Quantitative Analysis (QA) section of IIFT exam is usually of moderate difficulty having 25 questions in total
  • This section is calculation heavy, you need to be thorough with formulae and theorems
  • Make NCERT Maths book of Class 9th to 10th your best friend to understand the basics of Algebra, Geometry, Trignometry and Mensuration
  • Practice sample questions and revise theorems regularly
  • Most of the questions asked are from Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry to pay extra attention to those but don՚t ignore Mensuration for these topics
  • There is negative marking in IIFT exam, so develop the skill of choosing only those QA questions you can solve with 100 per cent accuracy
  • For 100 per cent accuracy, practice mock tests and sample questions

Final Tips for IIFT: To Wrap It Up

  • Focus on revision of core concepts
  • Cover up as much GK content as you can but remember, overloading yourself won՚t help. Cover only as much as you are comfortable with.
  • Work on your calculation speeds
  • Be clear with your exam strategy and solve a couple of previous year papers
  • 1 or 2 Mocks are more than enough
  • More than actual learning of concepts, you should focus on being in the right mental frame for the test. You can improve your scores by simply being ready for the different pattern that IIFT features. Most of you have solved Mock CATs and are not ready for the change. Make sure you keep this in mind.