IIT JAM: Biotechnology and Life Sciences Book List

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  1. Biochemistry, Lubert Stryer, Berg J.M. and Tymoczko J.L. (2002). W H Freeman - Buy from Amazon.in
  2. Bioingermatics, A practical Guide to the analysis of genes and protein (2002). Baxeuarus A.D. and Francis Ouellehe B.F. A John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
  3. Biotechnology, J.E. Smith, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, (1988).
  4. Bhojwani, S S and Razdan M.K. 1996. Plant Tissue Culture: Theory and Practice (Revised Edition), Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., Boston.- Buy from Amazon.in
  5. Biochemical calculations by Irwin H. Segel (1985). John Wiley and Sons Ltd. - Buy from Amazon.in
  6. Biotechnology: Theory and Techniques, Volume II, J.G. Chirikjian (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston), 1995. - Buy from Amazon.in
  7. Concepts of Genetics, W.S. Klug and R.A. Cummings (Prentice Hall, New Jersey), 6th Edn, 2000. - Buy from Amazon.in
  8. Discovering Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics (2002) A Malcolm Campbell and Laurie J. Heyer, published by Benjamin Cummings. - Buy from Amazon.in
  9. Gamborg O.L. and Philips G.C. 1996. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organic Culture, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi. - Buy from Amazon.in
  10. Glick B R and Pasternak J J 1998. Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA (Second Edition), ASM Press, Washington, D C - Buy from Amazon.in
  11. Introduction to Biotechnology, C M Brown, I. Campbell and F G Priest, Published by Panima Publishing Corporation (2002). - Buy from Amazon.in
  12. Oksaman-Caldentey K-M and Barz W H 2002. Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York.
  13. Proteomics from protein sequence to function (2002) Pennington S.R. and Dunn M J BIOS Scientific Publishers Limited. - Buy from Amazon.in
  14. Molecular Biotechnology, Glick and Pasterneck, Panima Publishing Corp., New Delhi (1999) 2nd edition. - Buy from Amazon.in
  15. Protein: Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Gary Walsh (2002). John Wiley and sons, Ltd. - Buy from Amazon.in
  16. Practical Biochemistry: Principles and Techniques edited by Keith Wilson and John Walker (2000). Cambridge University Press. - Buy from Amazon.in
  17. Principles of Biochemistry, Albert L. Lehninger, Nelson D L and Cox M M (2000) W H Freeman. - Buy from Amazon.in
  18. Proteins: Structures and molecular properties by Thomas E. Creighton (1992). W H Freeman. - Buy from Amazon.in
  19. Gene and Chromosome Analysis, Adolph K.W. (Academic Press, New York), 1994. - Buy from Amazon.in
  20. Short Protocols in Molecular Biology, Ausubel F., Brent R., Kingston R.E., More D D , Seidman J.G., Smith J A and Struhl K. (John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York), 1995. - Buy from Amazon.in
  21. The AGT Cytogenetics laboratory Manual by Barch M J, Knutsen T., and Spurback J. (Lippincott-Roven Publishers, Philadelphia), 1997. - Buy from Amazon.in
  22. Molecular Cloning-A laboratory Manual, Sambrook J. and Russell D.W. (Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbour), 2001. - Buy from Amazon.in
  23. Theory and Problems of Genetics, W D Stansfield (McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York), 1988.
  24. An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, A.J.F. Griffths, J H Miller, D T Suzuki, R C Lewontin and W M Gelbart (W H Freeman and Company, New York), 2002. - Buy from Amazon.in
  25. Genomes, T.A. Brown (John Wiley and Sons, Singapore), 1999. - Buy from Amazon.in
  26. Genes VII, B Lewin (Oxford University Press Inc., New York), 2000. - Buy from Amazon.in
  27. Molecular Biology of the Gene, J.D. Watson, N.H. Hopkins, J. W. Roberts, J A Steitz and A.M. Weiner (The Benjamin/ Cummings Publishing Company Inc., California), 1987.
  28. Genetics: A Molecular Approach, T.A. Brown (Nelson Thrones Ltd, Cheltenham), 1998.
  29. Genetics: An Analysis of Genes and Genomes, D L Hartal and E.W. Jones (Jones and Bartletit Publishers, Boston), 2001.
  30. Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experimens, G. Karp (John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York), 2002.
  31. Genetics: Analysis and Principles, R.J. Brooker (Addison Wesley Longamn Inc., New York), 1999. - Buy from Amazon.in
  32. Discover Biology, M.L. Cain, H. Ddmman, R.A. Lue and C.K. Yoon (Sinauer Associates, Inc. Sunderland, Massachusetts), 2000.
  33. Principles of Genetics, E.J. Gardner, M J Simmons and D.P. Snustad (John Wiley and sons, Inc., New York), 1991. - Buy from Amazon.in
  34. An Introduction of Genetic Analysis, A.J.F. Griffiths, J H Miller, D T Suzuki, R C Lewontin and W M Gelbart (W H Freeman and Company, New York), 2000.
  35. Principles of Genetics, R. Tamarin (Wm.D. Brown Publishers, New York), 1999. - Buy from Amazon.in
  36. Detective DNA, Parvinder Chawla (National Institute of Science Communications, New Delhi).
  37. Microbiology, Fundamentals and Applications, Ronald M. Atlas, (Macmillan Publishing Company, New York), 1994. - Buy from Amazon.in
  38. Microbiology, L.M. Prescott, J.P. Harley and D A Klein (Wm. C. Brown Publishers, Boston). 3rd Edn., 1996.
  39. Light Microscopy in Biology. A practicl approach, Edited by A.J. Lacey, (IRL Press, Oxford), 1989. - Buy from Amazon.in
  40. Biological Science, N.P O Green, G.W. Stout and D.J. Taylor (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge), 1995. - Buy from Amazon.in
  41. Biophysical Chemistry Part II- Techniques for the study of Biological Structure and Function, C R Cantor and P.R. Schimme (W H Freeman and Company, New York), 1980. - Buy from Amazon.in
  42. Practical Biochemistry: Principles and Techniques edited by Keith Wilson and John Walker (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge), 2000.
  43. Biochemistry, Lubert Stryer, J.M. Berg and J.L. Tymoczko (W H Freemen and Company, New York), 2000. - Buy from Amazon.in
  44. Principles of Biochemistry, Albert L. Lehninger, D L Nelson and M M Cox, (Worth Publishers, USA), 2000. - Buy from Amazon.in
  45. Practical Skills in Biomolecular Sciences, Rob Reed, David Holmes, Jonathan Weyers and Allan Jones (Longman, England), 1998. - Buy from Amazon.in
  46. Patenting in Biotechnology-Part I, R.Stephen Crespi, Tibtech, Vol. 9, 117-122, 1991. - Buy from Amazon.in
  47. Social Issues in Science and Technology: An Encyclopedia, David E. Newton (ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara), 1999. - Buy from Amazon.in
  48. A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes, and Society, James D. Watson (Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press, New York), 2000. - Buy from Amazon.in
  49. Microbes and Man, John Postgate (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge), 2000. - Buy from Amazon.in
  50. The Golden Helix Inside Biotech Ventures, A Kornberg. - Buy from Amazon.in