Pattern for the IIT JAM Exam 2022

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There is medium of test paper in English. There are a total of 60 questions of 100 marks. These 60 questions are divided into three sections – A, B, & C. it is compulsory for all candidates to all attend all question of every sections.

To Understand the Pattern of Questions in Each Section, It is Discussed Below

Sectionwise Breakdown
SectionType of QuestionsNumber of QuestionsMarks
A(MCQ) : Each question has four choices with one correct answer.3050
B(MSQ) : Each question has four choices with one or more correct answers.1020
CNumerical Answer Type (NAT) : The answer for each question is a signed real number. No choices will be shown for these questions.2030

Marking Pattern

Section A: Out of a total of 30 questions, 20 questions are of 2 marks & 10 questions are of 1 marks each. There is negative marking of for each question that holds one mark weightage answered incorrectly. Also deducted for each incorrect question which carries two marks weightage. There is no negative marking for any question left unanswered.

Section B: Each correct answer contains 2 marks. There is no negative marking in this section.

Section C: Out of the total 20 questions, first 10 questions are of two mark each and other 10 questions are of one marks each. There is no negative marking in this section as well.