ISS General Studies Papers 2010

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ISS General Studies 2010

Candidates should be attempt ALL Questions, unless otherwise directed. The number of Marks Carried by each question is indicated for the question. Answers must be written in English.

Important Notes: The question paper contains an outline map of india. This is to be detached carefully from the question paper and attached firmly to the answer book while attempting question No. 4.

Do not write your roll number or name on the map.

  1. Answer any Five of the following, in about 75 words each: 5 × 5 = 25

    1. Discuss the role of Carbon Credit as a means of awareness in pollution control.

    2. Distinguish between hydrological characteristics of north Indian and south Indian rivers.

    3. Assess the importance of power in the industrial development of india.

    4. Explain how the president of india is an integral part of Parliament.

    5. Discuss the concept of Dyarchy introduced by the Government of india Act of 1919.

    6. Write a critical note on ‘food security’ issue debated in Indian parliament.

  2. Write briefly on any Five of the following (In about 30 Words each): 2 × 5 = 10

    1. What is invisible web?

    2. What is genomics?

    3. What are the uses of grapheme?

    4. What are the uses of phytoremediation?

    5. Explain the role of UNIDO.

    6. Discuss Geographic Information System.

  3. Write on any Five of the following (In about 30 words each): 2 × 5 = 10

    1. Allauddin Khalji's market reforms.

    2. Kandukuri Veeresalingam Pantulu.

    3. INA.

    4. Kailashnath temple at Ellora

    5. Poona Pact of 1932.

    6. Charter Act of 1813.

  4. Show any Five of the following places on the outline Map of india that is attached to your question paper (The map must then be detached carefully from the question paper and attached to your answer book firmly.). On your answer book, write about the significance of the five places marked by you, in about 20 words each: (1 + 1) x 5 = 10

    1. Dehradun

    2. Digboi

    3. Pachmarhi

    4. Nagarjunasagar

    5. Paradip

    6. Vadodara.

  5. Explain any Five of the following terms, in about 30 words each: 2 × 5 = 10

    1. Effect of El Nino on Indian Climate.

    2. Open Source.

    3. Natural rubber producing areas of india.

    4. Formation of Oxbow lakes.

    5. Radioactive pollution.

    6. Scientometrics.

  6. Write note on any Eight of the following, in about 35 words each: 2½ x 8 = 20

    1. Privileges enjoyed by the members of Indian Parliament individually.

    2. Constitutional limitations on the powers of Rajya Sabha.

    3. Effects of the dissolution of Lok Sabha.

    4. Article 360.

    5. Social Audit.

    6. Censure Motion.

    7. Write of Prohibition.

    8. Paid News.

    9. ‘Honours Killings’

    10. Hypertext

  7. Write about the Following in not more than a Sentence or two each: 1 × 10 = 10

    1. Lagoon

    2. Xerophytes

    3. Digital Signature

    4. Coral reefs

    5. ‘The Finkler Question’

    6. ‘Before Memory Fades’

    7. Inter Tropical Front

    8. Suspensive Veto Power

    9. Erosion

    10. Equinox

  8. Why were the following in the news recently (Answer to each should be in a sentence or two only)? 1 × 5 = 5

    1. ONV Kurup

    2. Dileep Padgaonkar

    3. Krishna Poonia

    4. Liu Xiaobo

    5. D Udai Kumar

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