Preparation Tips for the JAMB 2022

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How to Study for Jamb and Score Above 300

  1. Go with proper text books: The books you read for JAMB will determine how effective your study will be.
  2. Draft out a nice study timetable: Make a strategic plan for study. Make a schedule or proper timetable to maintain study and reach at point. Before you start drafting out your time, note the following:
  3. Give more time to subjects you find difficult
  4. Count the number of topics you have to read
  5. Leave out 4 weeks to your exam for revision
  6. Make your study environment: Your environment is another factor you need to consider. In order to study effectively for JAMB, you need to choose environment that best suites you. Here are some of the reasons to study for JAMB in a library:
  7. You have access to some textbooks you cannot afford or that you just need to for short-term consultation
  8. You get to meet another Brainiac՚s that are also preparing for JAMB there and hence, you will gain one thing or the other from them too.
  9. Get the syllabus allotted on the year: Go through syllabus and study according to it. Syllabus is important factor to notice. Because of it we can prepare for study according to that by subject wise.
  10. Start early enough: One of the biggest mistakes UTME candidates make is waiting for JAMB registration to start before commencing their preparation. To start the preparation, think like this; Yesterday was best time to start practicing today is second chance and tomorrow is too late to start practice.
  11. Eliminate distractions: It all depends on the type of friends you have. If they are the type that are also seriously studying for their JAMB exam, being around them will help as you can even discuss things you study when you meet. If they are the type that always want to play and gist and waste time, you may need to pull out at least temporarily till h = after your exam.
  12. Find out what you need to cover:
  13. How many topics in all do you have in your textbooks?
  14. How many times do you want to complete each textbook before your UTME? – I completed each of my textbooks at least twice!
  15. How much time do you have left to complete your mission?
  16. At what pace must you study in order to achieve this?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself today.

This will give you a sense of whether you are out of time or not.

  1. Set a goal for each session: Here are some useful tips to do this right:
  2. Give yourself more work than necessary in each study session.
  3. Set targets that you think you cannot achieve each day.
  4. Make sure you actually work towards achieving more than you think you can each day.
  5. If you end up achieving more than you thought you could achieve, good for you.
  6. If not, wait for another day.
  7. Try this and you՚ll be amazed at how effective this is (and you will find out that you can actually do more than you think you can do)

One more thing.

Always have the mindset of being behind schedule.

If your exam will be in January, make sure you complete all you need to in November or less! Leave out a month or more before your examination.


The period between 4 weeks to your examination is very crucial.

This period should be the time you set out to revise everything you have read.

You should have completed your textbooks before this time.

  1. Find the best time to study: When you study is also another important factor. On the time factor, there are 3 categories of students:
  2. Day readers
  3. Night readers
  4. Day and night readers

Anyone that works for you, stick to it!

don՚t be influenced by others, do what works for you effectively. If you claim to be a day reader, make sure you study sufficiently during the day.

Same thing for applies to night readers.

Some say that the best time to read is very early in the morning.

Personally, anyone works for me though I prefer day reading.

So, discover yourself and do what works!

Some Are the Points to be Consider for the Preparation

  • Be dynamic
  • Make studying a habit
  • Highlight important points
  • Write it down
  • Take short breaks
  • Discuss it with study mates
  • Ask yourself questions
  • Memorize
  • Solve jamb past questions
  • Seek for help
  • Get enough sleep
  • Reward yourself
  • Do your own research
  • Revise
  • don՚t leave god out of it