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When we talk about mighty Brahmaputra, IIT Guwahati is located on a sprawling 285 hectares of land that is 20 kms away from the heart of the city. It was came into influence in the year 1994. Indian Institute of technology Guwahati is the 6th Indian Institute of Technology if we look at the establishment of IITs in series, the latest being IIT Roorkee. Well nourished with the state of the artistic infrastructure, scientific and modern instruments, IIT Guwahati has well maintained the quality of education of the rest of IITs within a very short span of time. The institute has now 11 departments that are offering different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering and science disciplines. Thus IIT Guwahati provides B. Tech. B. Des. M. Tech. PHD and MSc. In various different subjects.

Departments of IIT Guwahati

As said earlier, IIT Guwahati has around 11 departments, Namely they are Biotechnology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Design, Electronics & Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Physics.

Courses at IIT Guwahati

Undergraduate Courses available at IIT Guwahati: IIT Guwahati has B. Tech. Courses in Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Engineering Physics, Mathematics & Computing and Mechanical Engineering. It provides Bachelor of Design Progamme in Industrial Design and Communication Design. Apart form the Bachelor of technology and Bachelor of Design programmes that are of four years of duration, IIT Guwahati also provides an integrated programme of 5 years leading to the Master of Science in Chemistry.

Postgraduate Courses at IIT Guwahati: IIT Guwahati has M. Tech programmes in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It provides MSC courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Keeping aside the courses pertaining to Masters Degree, From IIT Guwahati students can also study PHD programme in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering Computer Science & Engineering, Design, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Energy, Environment, Humanities & social Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering Nanotechnology and Physics.

IIT Guwahati Admissions

Like all other IITs, admission to the undergraduate courses of IIT Guwahati is done through the JEE or the joint entrance examination. Admission to the MSC courses will be done through a Joint Admission to IITs and IIT-JAM. Admission to the M. Tech programme is done basically in the month of July and admission to the PHD programmes of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati is done basically in the month of July as well as January.

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